“BOD GYAL” is the newest breakthrough single by emerging Brooklyn rapper, Smocca Locca, featuring verses from Brownsville, Brooklyn’s very own K Goddess, and up-and-coming artist Harl3y Trey from Far Rockaway, Queens. The single was highly anticipated among each of the three artists' growing fanbase, already gaining over 75K+ views in three days on Instagram in which they only shared a 30-second preview prior to the official release. Smocca Locca, K Goddess, and Harl3y Trey collaborating on a track make for the perfect representation of “bod gyals” from New York City. “BOD GYAL” features Smocca, K, and Harl3y going back to back on a Caribbean drill-type beat delivering confidence, a bad bitch attitude, and their own individual flavors.

Upon first play, the smooth sounds take you to the Caribbean until the high-energy drums kick in to show you what they are about. Smocca Locca collaborated with producer Alexie Gratia on “BOD GYAL” to make a unique high energy beat (prod. by SynthWerks). Your attention is immediately grabbed as Smocca Locca starts the track off with strong drill ad-libs “Gang gang gang/ Bod gyal don’t what?/ Bod gyal don’t play!” followed by a catchy hook that you won’t be able to get out of your head. You feel the strength and personality from each artist as they take turns executing heavy bars, sexy cadence, and the sauce you can only find in a New York City woman. K Goddess begins her verse with a not-so-friendly reminder of what she is capable of: “Tired of the rumors/ Lining these bitches right up like a ruler/ Hopped in the whip and maneuvered/ She was talking all crazy on live so I came alive all in her dreams Freddy Kreuger” And you should be scared. Following K, Harl3y ends the track with her verse telling us that they are certainly a different breed, “Get a thrill off of hearing your heartbeat/ Shake up the room but I’m walking in calmly,” As individuals, the ladies are unbothered but not to be played with.

“BOD GYAL” is the newest heat to add to your playlists. Stay tuned in as Smocca Locca, K Goddess, and Harl3y Trey plan to drop the official visuals for “BOD GYAL” in the near future.

Listen to “BOD GYAL” - Smocca Locca, K Goddess, Harl3y Trey out now:



Written by Klassy, Edited by Avery Msartistry | Official cover art and visualizer by Klassy.

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The "superbowl of fashion shows" that The Model Experience (TME) has become famous for in Los Angeles rocked a new coast last weekend for New York Fashion Week. At TME's inaugural NYFW show over 800 models hit the runway along with performances from Billboard-charting raptress Coi Leray and Saucy Santana (fresh off his MTV Video Music Awards performance). Music royalty Grandmaster Flash made an appearance and attendees enjoyed a DJ set from model and artist Shaun Ross.

For over a decade TME has been giving up-and-coming models the chance to walk the runway. Their glowing community has now become a bi-coastal brand after manifesting the New York show that's been in the works for many seasons. As Ashley Covarrubias has shared about her organization, “we truly provide the model experience that aspiring talents need, and with accolades like placements in Vogue with designers who’ve gone on to work with stars like Cardi B, our reputation is golden.”

The TME event unveiled dozens of designers' newest collections, some of which can be seen in the gorgeous pictures below. UP NEXT: TME has a sold out 3-day Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) show with soon-to-be released celebrity designers and performances, including artist Bia, starting October 7th!

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Kiing Spiider a Parkour Free Runner rose to stardom from his acrobatic stunts throughout the New York City streets. Entertainment in the New York City subway train stations were always popularized and glorified as the highlight to your next destination. Now the masked Spider- Man is changing the way urban youth perceive superheroes or public figures. He is caught doing the most unbelievable stunts you will ever see on the internet. Many social sites and TV networks covered Kiing Spiider’s socially viral journey through the subway all the way to over 67Million impressions on Facebook and his instagram page. Kiing Spiider used the growth of his platform to leverage commercial ads and social media campaigns for local NYC stores alongside popular influencers; while sharing his parkour free running tricks throughout the skits.

Read more here: https://itsonlyentertainment.net/kiing-spiider-is-the-new-leader-of-parkour-free-running-in-nyc/

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