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Rapper Cheeko Fue Proves Resiliency Is Possible In Rap

Renowned Puerto Rican rapper Cheeko Fue, originally from Florida and now residing in ATL, released his much-anticipated music video "Buck Da Jack" on June 18th, 2024, after overcoming significant setbacks. The video was initially scheduled for release on May 31st, 2023, but was delayed due to Cheeko's near-death experience on an Atlanta highway. Cheeko Fue's hustling spirit is evident not just in his music but also in his everyday life. He works various jobs to make ends meet, pushing the truth and reality of everyday survival. His journey reflects the struggles and resilience of countless individuals who balance their passion with the necessity to hustle.

"Buck Da Jack" is a testament to Cheeko Fue's resilience and determination to maneuver through tough challenges. The video narrates the intense saga of his survival and triumph, encapsulating his defiant attitude and winner's mentality. Set in the aftermath of Cheeko's "third life," the story delves into his gritty reality, where he trains in the trap, dealing with everything from voodoo priestesses to the black market body trade. This horror movie music video plunges viewers into the life of an artist who has faced near-death experiences and continues to defy the odds. With an eerie atmosphere and gripping storyline, "Buck Da Jack" is not just a music video but a suspenseful horror short film, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

About Cheeko Fue

Cheeko Fue is a Puerto Rican rapper known for his raw and authentic storytelling. His grassroots coming from Florida, he has made a significant impact on the music scene with his powerful lyrics and dynamic performances. Beyond his music, Cheeko embodies the hustling spirit, working various jobs and reflecting the struggles of everyday people who fight to survive. "Buck Da Jack" marks another milestone in his career, showcasing his resilience and relentless spirit. Miami rapper CHEEKOFUE had a significant history in rap music before signing to Big Oomp Records in 2019. Originally born in Gary, Indiana, Nelson Pastoriza performed for the first time in third grade at a talent show alongside four of his friends. He got his start freestyling and rapping in North Miami Beach at house parties and bar mitzvahs. The energetic and charismatic entertainer (later known as Nasticity) would go on to appear on The Black Umbrella’s Blood & Roses Tour in 2017. “The energy that this artist brings is electrifying and scary as hell in a good way,” the Miami Times once described one of the rapper’s previous live performances.

The artist’s tenacity on stage during the Blood & Roses Tour came from a hunger to get back in the spotlight after being incarcerated on a drug trafficking charge. Once he was released from a Florida correctional facility, he was eager to put out new music and dropped the Lost album followed by FUEAGE PreLude Mixtape.

He used the temporary setback to encourage other incarcerated fathers to use their talents to create legal platforms as entrepreneurs to support their families. “I’ve been through the worst of it,” he says. “I decided to stop selling dope and start selling hope -- if I can do it anybody can.”

His story appeared in hip hop outlets like Ace Magazine and he was interviewed by DJ Smallz. The tour, publicity, and his work ethic grew his following. He got connected with Big Oomp Records to take things to the next level.

His positive mindset and will to overcome setbacks and achieve greatness are inspirational. “I’ve been through hell and back and as long as you continue to be the best version of yourself, you can achieve anything,” he says. “Once you’re able to believe it, then you can reach out and achieve it."

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