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The Artistry Film : Presenting Princess Shaw

The idea of success…is hard work. For Samantha Montgomery doing what she loved to do was just 7,000 miles away.  Presenting Princess Shaw  – In Theaters, on Demand, on Amazon Video and on iTunes May 27th.

This is a  true story of the incredible Princess Shaw and the enigmatic composer Kutiman, who discovers her from the other side of the world.Samantha a native of New Orleans and care taker to her mother lives in the real life tough neighborhoods.  By night, she writes and sings her own songs as Princess Shaw on her confessional YouTube channel. Raw and vulnerable, her voice is a diamond in the rough.

Across the globe, Ophir Kutiel creates video mash ups of amateur Youtube performers. Known as Kutiman, he is a composer, a musician, and a pioneering video artist embraced by the world of fine art. Kutiman “transforms sampling into a multimedia art”, whether at his home on a kibbutz in Israel or at a live performance at the Guggenheim in New York.

Although they are strangers, they come together  to build a song. The film unfolds as Kutiman pairs Princess Shaw’s emotional performances in a beautiful expression of generosity and compassion, revealing the bonafide star underneath and her fight to never give up on her dreams.

This is a real life reality film. The story is inspiring and could be any musician that finds themselves down on their luck. Yet, because of newer forms of media and medias’ social reaches, art can be a magical collaboration. Princess Shaw and Kutiman  bring forth music to a whole new audience.

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