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Deon Young Releases New R & B Drill and Jersey Club Type Tracks

Singer Deon Young Draws More Attention By Adding The New Jersey Club Sounds To His R & B Album

It’s been a while since we’ve seen projects from Deon Young. His comeback was not a shock but a blessing for many R & B lovers who enjoy merging it with Hip Hop sounds. On December 16th, 2022; Deon Young will release his new LP titled “Kissing On Saturday”. Deon Young believed it is a perfect time for him to start dropping music since he was songwriting for a little while. He managed to help a lot of artists including some A- list such as Ariana Grande’s project.

This project will be an introduction to the full-on New York experience vibe. You will start bobbing the sound and will start moving endlessly to the combination of R & B and Hip- Hop. With many familiar legendary samples on his tracks adding a New Jersey mashup. Deon worked with a few producers for this project but the KOS album is fully engineered and the majority is produced by Preme Dream. Deon Young and Preme Dream are like the new Timbaland to Missy Elliot. Growing up in Harlem, NY he experienced the sultry nostalgic music scene that made him proud to be from Harlem World.

Deon Young states, that he likes beats that touch his soul and like to show support to the most creative producers. A few notable tracks such as “Kno My Name” which has as an Alicia Keys sample touched on his Harlem, NY experiences. Such as, popular places like Rucker Park and Polo Grounds in NYC really brought him nostalgia while creating this LP such as the closing track “Status”. Deon Young mixed the new popular era of music with old samples from the early 2000s while merging the R & B Bop vibe to bring motivational upbeat R&B to the streets.

Listen to the album “Kissing On Saturday” and WATCH HIS NEW VISUAL to debut single “Kissing On Saturday”


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