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Kiing Spiider a Parkour Free Runner; Real-life Spider- Man

Kiing Spiider a Parkour Free Runner rose to stardom from his acrobatic stunts throughout the New York City streets. Entertainment in the New York City subway train stations were always popularized and glorified as the highlight to your next destination. Now the masked Spider- Man is changing the way urban youth perceive superheroes or public figures. He is caught doing the most unbelievable stunts you will ever see on the internet. Many social sites and TV networks covered Kiing Spiider’s socially viral journey through the subway all the way to over 67Million impressions on Facebook and his instagram page. Kiing Spiider used the growth of his platform to leverage commercial ads and social media campaigns for local NYC stores alongside popular influencers; while sharing his parkour free running tricks throughout the skits.

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